...Go Graphico

A System for Rendering Graphics with Java and C++

Version 1.20

14 March, 2001

Written by Per Gullberg

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Graphico (simply known as Go) is an open source 3D graphics application programming interface distributed under the terms of the
GNU Lesser General Public License.

Graphico works with either Java or C++. The design of Graphico is based on OpenGL. Two independent Java versions of Graphico exist. The first version renders to a Java image that can be displayed in a Java application or any internet browser capable of executing Java 1.1 code. The second version uses Java 3D for increased performance. The C++ version uses OpenGL.

See Overview for more details.


The Graphico project is hosted by


Packages for Graphico


Download Source Files

GoJava version -> goJava.src.jar
GoJava3D version -> goJava3D.src.jar
GoCpp version -> goCpp.src.jar
NOTE: These downloads do not include the goText or goAdobeIllustrator packages. They will need be be gotten separately.
Clone this entire distribution -> goWeb.jar
(Useful for getting a local copy of the documentation and
 examples, or for redistribution of Graphico on the web.)